The Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Carmichael would like to welcome you to our site! You will find news on upcoming Feasts, Holy Days, children’s classes, youth activities, and other events.  We hope you will visit us often to keep up to date on what is happening in our community.

The tabs across the top will open the monthly calendar, pages of children’s classes and other activities.  Please note that some of these have maps embedded into them for finding the location and even options for printing.  We hope that you will enjoy this new addition to our community for keeping us all informed and up to date on activities.

This year, 2022, is the start of a new 9-year Plan which will have as its theme, “the release of the society-building power of the Faith in ever-greater measures.  The pursuit of this overall aim will require a further rise in the capacity of the individual believer, the local community, and the institutions of the Faith. These three constant protagonists of the Plan each have a part to play, and each one has capacities and qualities that must be developed. However, each is incapable of manifesting its full potential on its own. It is by strengthening their dynamic relationships with one another that their powers are combined and multiplied.”  From the December 30th Letter of the Universal House of Justice to the Conference of the Continental Boards of Counsellors.

This 9 Year Plan will begin with a special historic Conference which will be opened for the first time to our friends and relatives who are either participants in the Core Activities or interested in how they can support our efforts in creating capacities to serve the larger communities in which we live.  Our Conference date is set for Saturday and Sunday, April 23-24, at the Elk Grove Civic Center for our Sacramento Cluster and few other Clusters that will be joining us.  We are expecting to fill the center capacity with 450 people, and it is being planned for people to attend on Zoom.  More information on registration, schedule, and COVID 19 requirements are available under the “2022 World Conferences” tab in the menu above. We hope to see you all there with your friends!

If you have any questions about our activities or how you can better serve our community, please contact our secretary at: